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The program is completely free and simple to use. It works perfectly fineunder Windows 95/98/NT/2000 or Windows ME operating systems.How to use Duax Lite?1. Download and install Duax Lite.2. Run the Duax Lite program. It will open the main window.3. Now you are all set. You will get Duax Lite notice the connection time.There are four modes of Duax Lite:a. Send Error Messages to the PC you are connected to.b. When the connection breaks up and connects back.c. The connection was down for a long time (with an alarm bell).d. The "real time" entry (with an alarm bell).4. Press the "Connect" button in the main window to test the connections.The system will tell you exactly when the connection is ready.If you are connected to a remote computer, you can also connect the program to remote computer througha remote control procedure.If you have any problems with the program, please send us an email using the "Contact us" window.5. To uninstall, simply delete Duax Lite from your PC.Similar software shotlights:Virus Guard ProfessionalVirus Guard Professional is a free utility that helps you protect youVirus Shield 2Virus Shield 2 - The Next Generation of AntivirusThe Next Generation of Antivirus Software : Virus Shield 2 is a powerful, user-friendlyantivirusVirus Wiper ProfessionalVirus Wiper Professional is a powerful and easy to use free software forWindows 95/98 that will help you clean your PC of allAVCustAVCust is an AV-software which is able to detect and remove stealth viruses on your PCSafeVirus 7th EditionSafeVirus is a free and easy to use multi-protection anti-virus tool for Microsoft WindowsQ:Is there any noticable difference between a 3.5mm to 6.3mm male to male cable?I'm building a multi-room analog audio system and am looking for a way to shorten a 5m networked run of heavy double-shielded speaker cable.I tried a couple of lengths of 6.3mm to 6.3mm cable and although I could hear a difference, I wasn't sure if it was just my brain tricking me. Is there any difference between 08929e5ed8

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